Voice Mail

Voice Mail

Voice mail, from RingCentral, is the quickest, easiest way for you to create a professional, established image for your company. An instant-on service, RingCentral voice mail provides you with ‘big business’ functionality, but at a small business price. With professional voice mail greetings delivered 24/7 by an auto-attendant and multiple delivery options and alerts, you get all the tools you need to help your business sound just like a Fortune 500 company. Pick up your voice mail via email or from your online account and playback over your PC speakers or headphones - or pick up your voice mail by phone. With RingCentral voice mail, you’ll be more efficient, more hours of day - and all calls to local numbers to leave or listen to voice mail are free!

RingCentral voice mail unifies all your communications, concentrating all your numbers into just one, easy to access mailbox. RingCentral service can direct voice mail from all the phones you currently use - business, home, cell and others—and provide you with just one number to access all messages. Prefer to check your voice mail messages from your computer? Have voice mail forwarded to you via email, or use the convenient Softphone that’s included with your service. RingCentral gives you easy anywhere, anytime access to voice mail and you can automatically get notification by text or email of new voice mail messages as they arrive.

It doesn’t matter if you're in the office, working from home or out on the road, you can always easily access your voice mail with RingCentral. And if you want to forward voice mail to co-workers, it’s as easy as to forward voice mail as it is to send an email. And the best part is that voice mail with RingCentral is so much more than just a basic message-taking service. Included with your powerful business-ready voice mail is a toll free or local number that comes loaded with complete virtual PBX functionality. Of course, you don’t initially have to use all the features that come with RingCentral voice mail. You can choose to start with just voice mail, and then begin gradually adding features as necessary. Simply put, RingCentral business communication features - including voice mail - give you the edge you need to be competitive in your market.

Do you employee multiple people? Create extensions for them with complete PBX-functionality - it’s included with RingCentral voice mail service. Go ahead and design multiple voice mail mailboxes, all of which are easily accessible through an auto-attendant. Voice mail without a professional-sounding greeting is about as useful as car without an engine. With RingCentral voice mail you can record personal and corporate greetings yourself, or select one of the included pre-recorded greetings. Want to give your company a professional-sounding boost? RingCentral voice mail includes free music on-hold, or you can even have custom voice mail greetings professionally recorded. We've partnered with a voice mail production service to assist you with your professional recording needs.

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